Garden Maintenance

We tend to a variety of gardens, from those we plant to long-established gardens. We eliminate garden overwhelm so that you can be fully engaged with our outdoor space.


Cutting Gardens

Our first and enduring love is designing gardens with plants we've grown from seed. Our clients have summers full of flowers they helped grow, to take indoors and share with loved ones and neighbours.


Plant sales

We sell our plants early in the season at the Toronto Flower Market. We grow a wide variety of flowering plants, both perennial and annual, and have a special interest in plants that can be both eaten and admired. 

More About Our Cutting Gardens

Many plants for cutting gardens are often hard to find in garden centres, and while growing seedlings for your own garden is rewarding, it takes time, know-how and most of all space! We grow plants from seed for reliable seedlings for your flower garden, using organic practices. Come spring, we'll set up a date with you to plant the seedlings and share information on how to care for your garden. We offer regular maintenance packages, as well as occasional help if you'd like a summer of getting your hands in the dirt.

Getting started

We can help get your site prepared for your cutting garden, either in fall or in spring. In order to see what's possible in your growing space we like to set up an initial fee-waived consultation. In that consultation, we'll go over the plants available to you along with options for getting started in preparing your garden. 



Working with Claire on my cutting garden has been such a joy.  It's not only been wonderful for my family (my 2 year old especially loves cutting flowers and smelling them!), but my neighbours have all commented on how beautiful it is. 

Being a busy mom and business owner, starting my own garden like this is something I never would have had the time to do.  But with Claire there to help as little or as much as we needed, it has been an incredibly enjoyable experience. 

What I love most about having the cutting garden is being able to cut a few stems and share them with friends and family.  If we are on our way to visit someone, I can bring flowers from my garden instead of stopping by the flower shop, which is so much more personal.

I'm so happy with my experience with Claire at Buds Cutting Gardens!


--Alex, Leslieville