Buds Cutting Gardens plants and maintains small scale flower farms in Toronto. 

The plants in our gardens are selected for vase life, intensity of colour and fragrance, as well as bloom time. Gardens include a mix of perennials, annuals, bulbs, seedlings and tubers for continued interest and plants that return.

There are three garden combinations available in 2017. To discuss plant choices and the space you'd like to devote to a cutting garden, contact us.




Dreamy peach blooms punctuated by a few deep reds and purples. A variety of flower forms and greens for texture and movement. Featuring foxgloves, scabiosas, and climbing nasturtiums. 



A garden combination featuring a wide variety of cheery high performers. Some plants in this combination bloom again after cutting. For the homes with kids who want to get involved. Featuring zinnnias, black eyed susans, dahlias and sweet peas.



Washed out tones of a wide variety of colours, all highlighted by bright green foliage. A garden of easy flower combinations. Featuring dahlias, sea holly, yarrow and sweet peas.

How it works

Many plants for cutting gardens are often hard to find in garden centres, and while growing seedlings for your own garden is rewarding, it takes time, know-how and most of all space! We grow plants from seed for reliable seedlings for your flower garden, using organic practices. Come spring, we'll set up a date with you to plant the seedlings and share information on how to care for your garden. We offer regular maintenance packages, as well as occasional help if you'd like a summer of getting your hands in the dirt.

Getting started

We can help get your site prepared for your cutting garden, either in fall or in spring. In order to see what's possible in your growing space we like to set up an initial fee-waived consultation. In that consultation, we'll go over the plants available to you along with options for getting started in preparing your garden.